Treatment Education

Treatment Adherence is designed to help individuals with HIV understand their disease, learn about available HIV/AIDS services and how to access them, and find support for their efforts to stay in successful care and treatment services. Treatment Adherence is a free service available in English and Spanish.

Treatment advocates and nutrition experts at AIDS Project Los Angeles are also available by appointment to help individuals access and understand important health care information.

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HIV Matters, HIV Cure Town Forum, November 14, 2012

AIDS Project Los Angeles, in collaboration with a range of community partners, held its quarterly HIV Matters town hall forum in November 2012. The event featured an interactive presentation from leading HIV research experts from UCLA and City of Hope. This quarter's forum focused exclusively on HIV cure research, an exciting and dynamic field. Timothy Brown, the “Berlin Patient,” also attended and engaged in the panel discussion. Brown is the only known person worldwide to have been effectively cured of HIV.

HIV Research Catalyst Forum 2010

In April, HIV/AIDS advocates met in Baltimore for the HIV Research Catalyst Forum, a unique conference focusing on community advocacy in HIV treatment and prevention research. The Catalyst Forum aims to revitalize the community response to the domestic and global AIDS epidemic by amplifying the voices of community advocates in HIV treatment and prevention research.

APLA Treatment Education Program Manager Brian Risley offered a presentation on HIV and aging to conference participants. View a Webcast of the presentation, and follow along with the slide set.

HIV Matters, Community Update, October 11, 2010

APLA and community partners The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and Being Alive LA presented HIV MATTERS: THE BIG 3, a community update on the latest HIV/AIDS-related news from three of the largest annual HIV-related conferences: AIDS 2010, The XVIII International AIDS Conference, the 50th ICAAC (The Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy), and the 48th Conference of IDSA, the Infectious Diseases Society of America. A panel of experts discussed the latest breakthroughs reported from each of these three conference events. View a slide set on new treatment guidelines and HIV medications fom AIDS 2010, the XVIII International AIDS Conference.

HIV Vaccine Research

For information about HIV vaccine research, please go to:

Topics to Discuss with a Treatment Advocate:

  • Starting Combination Therapy
  • Adherence to Medications
  • Changing Drug Regimens
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Questions to Ask Your Health Care Provider
  • Understanding Your Lab Results
  • Drug Side Effects and Interactions
  • Medical Terminology
  • Complementary and Alternative Treatments

For more information, please call 213.201.1600 and ask to speak to a treatment advocate.

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