Whether it's in a one-on-one counseling session to improve your outlook; in a support group to talk about sex and crystal meth; or simply at your neighborhood Vance North Necessities of Life Program food pantry to get your weekly groceries, APLA has a place for you. Ready to learn about APLA programs for those living with -- or at risk for -- HIV/AIDS? You've found the right place.


From free food to dental care to housing assistance and more, find out what APLA can do for you.

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APLA's HIV education programs target those at greatest risk of infection -- like gay men of color, youth, and people who use drugs. Get details here.

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HIV testing is one of the single best ways to take control of your HIV status. Test positive? We'll hook you into our network of care. Negative? We'll offer tips to help you stay that way

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